Grey Cat Face Watch by Floozie

This weekend I was shopping with my mum when she spotted a watch that she knew I would have to have!

I often see cat related items which I love; but find myself asking the following questions:

Do I really need?
Is it nice or am I just taken in by the cat theme?
Am I too old for this?

This time I decided that although I didn’t really need, it was nice and age appropriate too. So with 2 questions out of 3 with positive answers; I made my way to the till.

My purchase was this Floozie Cat Watch:

Floozie Cat Watch

It comes in a lovely box so would also be ideal for a present:



We looked through all the watches to check this was the best one and decided it was. This was also the only cat one in the store we were in.

I like the way it is (fairly) subtle and the colours are grown up. The face is rose gold plated and the strap is a grey buckle. I like that at a glance the watch looks classy and “normal” but on closer inspection it is “fun” and original.

Another bonus is that this watch immediately fitted me – I have fairly small wrists and a bugbear of mine is that I always need to have a watch altered before I can wear. Many of the linked watches go to the watch fixer (aka my dad) to be adjusted. He always does very quickly for me but it was a novelty to put on as soon as I left the shop.

While looking up the watch online I had a look through the other Floozie watches and found the following 2 cat watches:

Ladies tan studded strap cat face watch
Ladies black studded strap cat face watch


I do like these also but I think the cat looks a little angry and mine is still my favourite which was a relief!

I am now very tempted by the “Ladies silver plated link bracelet watch” in the image above too though.

Overall I really like the Floozie range of watches and will be looking at again for present ideas in the future.

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