“Keyboard Cat” made from LEGO!

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have seen “Keyboard Cat” – if not here is the link:

keyboard cat

This video went viral and shows Fatso the cat skilfully playing the keyboard.

This has prompted a fantastic LEGO version which has been submitted on the LEGO Ideas website.

keyboard cat

LEGO Ideas is a website where the general public can create something and share… if it reaches 10,000 supporters it is sent to the LEGO Review Board … and if they agree that it is a great idea it is made to sell around the world. More details and link to the website (especially if the text is too small):

LEGO Ideas

There is still a long time to vote and if successful I will be buying one! Especially after reading the following line in the description – “Fatso’s arms can move up and down, and handles can be attached to the back of his arms to allow easier manipulation.”

Keyboard Cat

I wish I could vote for this more than once!



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