Cat Jewellery

I love costume jewellery and have a few fun cat pieces and more than a few on my wish list too.

Fallen Saint

My husband bought me a Fallen Saint Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace which is really quirky and always gets comments. It is a jar of Cat’s Meow and below is a picture of it with a few other catty Fallen Saint necklaces. Number 4 I bought for my cousin as it made me laugh and it sums up the women in my family pretty well. 5 is not strictly cat related but it is a “C”, my initial and a good example of the letter lockets they sell.

Fallen Saint

  1. Cat’s Meow –
  2. Cat’s Whiskers –
  3. Cheshire Cat Locket –
  4. We’re all mad here –
  5. Floral “C” –


For some really fun and girly jewellery the Pusheen range is perfect. I own Pusheen on the unicorn and Pusheen in a teacup. I would love to have the ring to match my necklace and 4 is really sweet.

5 is a fun patch that can be added to clothes or accessories. I am tempted to buy a couple and add to some black pumps.


  1. Pusheen on Unicorn –
  2. Pusheen in a Teacup –
  3. Pusheen in a Teacup Ring –
  4. Pisheen and Heart –
  5. Pusheen Patch –

Katy Perry

I am a big Katy Perry fan and love the perfumes. Below is a necklace which contains the Meow perfume in a cute cat pendant; the only problem is I think I look mad sniffing my necklace all the time.

The Cat branded bottles of Purr and Meow are in fun bottles which look great in my bathroom. The bonus is that now she has bought out the Killer Queen range they are the older range and you can get at a great price.

4 and 5 are from Tatty Devine; a cat bracelet and a cat ring. I have included these here as the bracelet is rumoured to be owned by Katy Perry and I love Tatty Devine. I hope they do some more cat jewellery soon.

Katy Perry

  1. Meow Perfume Locket –
  2. Purr Perfume –
  3. Meow Perfume-
  4. Cat Bangle – Tatty Devine –
  5. Cat Ring – Tatty Devine –

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